Rum is an island in the Inner Hebrides in northwest Scotland. It is National Nature Reserve and is the location of the Rum Layered Suite, a ~60 Ma layered mafic intrusion associated with opening of the Northeast Atlantic Province and onset of activity of the modern-day Iceland mantle hot spot. In association with IPS 2023, a field workshop to the Isle of Rum will take place between 10th and 14th July 2023. There will be at least 3 full days in the field and the main focus will be on the layered intrusion cumulates and the platinum-group metal mineralisation they host.

Participants will be responsible for travelling to Mallaig from Cardiff (and return, if appropriate) themselves. The ferry (Caledonian MacBrayne) will depart from the terminal in Mallaig sometime in the morning on Monday 10th . Accommodation will be at the Isle of Rum Bunkhouse (, which is self-catering, so provisions will need to be purchased ahead of sailing.

Most of Rum is isolated and remote. The population of the island is small and restricted to Kinloch on the northeast side. The 3 days of field excursions will involve long hikes on unpaved trails and over rough boggy mountainous terrain. For example, typical distances to be covered (round trip, not including walking between localities) might be in excess of 25 km per day. Some of the intrusion and mineralisation occurs at altitudes of up to 700 m, so strenuous hiking uphill will also be needed. A good level of fitness is therefore essential for this field workshop. On top of all of this, the weather on Rum, even in the summer, is wildly unpredictable. All participants should be prepared with high quality mountain boots and wet/cold weather gear, as well as for warm sunny weather.

Numbers on the trip will be capped at 20. The trip will be led by Brian O’Driscoll (University of Ottawa). Costs for accommodation (and incl. field guide) will be on the order of £150-200. Participants will be responsible for their own travel (including ferry) and subsistence costs. A much more detailed circular with guidance and information will follow in due course. The website referred to above also has useful info on the island.